03 : About me

Who Am I?

I am Ivan Marinković SJ, a Jesuit with a passion for creativity and a deep commitment to helping others on their spiritual journey. My journey is a blend of faith and technology, where I find joy in both building websites and fostering spiritual growth.

As a dedicated Jesuit, I believe in the power of modern tools to spread the message of love, compassion, and faith. My expertise lies in crafting meaningful online experiences through WordPress, where I bring together my technical skills with a profound understanding of the spiritual needs of individuals.

My passion

In the digital age, the importance of a strong online presence for the Catholic Church cannot be overstated. I see my role as not just a web developer but as a bridge between traditional values and the evolving world of technology. Through my website building skills, I strive to represent the Church with a fresh and contemporary perspective, making its teachings and mission accessible to a wider audience.

Profesional Skills

Most of my work are done with newest coding and programming platforms. So, I am trying really hard to learn new stuff and make my skills even better.